Self Help?

I’m reading the most amazing book, “The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck”… This should be required reading for everyone. It’s really hitting home for me. I have shamelessly posted a link to the book through my Amazon Associates account.

Today is my 8th sober day since mid 2006. I’ve been medicating myself and drowning in my own self pity for years. My alcohol abuse goes back much further than 2006, in fact, the only reason I was sober for a bit in 2006 was because my stomach decided to detach from my abdomen and float around my chest. Anyway, that’s another story altogether. I’m writing this for my own therapy as much as anything, but figure it may help someone else out too.

Since reading the book, I’ve realized that my own emotions and attitude are making me miserable and I have the power to change it. Eight days ago I scared myself straight. My right thigh had been feeling numb and I attributed that to a fall I took in July of 2016 while out with my husbands friends in Indiana. It was 2:30am and I’d been drinking since at least noon. I needed to lay down, so I got the keys from the driver and attempted to get to the truck. I tripped and fell in the parking lot ripping my knee to shit. In fact, I ended up with 15 staples and a long healing process. Now there is a lovely scar there. Anyway, back to 8 days ago… I woke up one morning and discovered my left index finger was also tingly and numb just like my right thigh. This concerned me enough to research and learn that I may be suffering from alcoholic neuropathyYep, that’s it. OMG, I gotta quit this shit before I lose more feeling in places that I’ll really regret!

Before I go off on that tangent, let me explain that I have a pretty good life. I have a nice house, car and job. There are some things about my job that make me wanna rip my hair out. Lately, I have allowed these things to affect my personality and attitude. These should be the things that I give ZERO fucks about!


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