A Complex Firing

We have a girl at our office who has been with the company for 15 years or so. She is a complete disaster and is incapable of doing the most menial tasks. She has managed to keep her job only because the owners of the company are too “absent” to know that she’s as dumb as a stump and now she’s been here to long to do anything about it. I like to say it’s like punishing a dog for shitting on the carpet after you’ve let him do it for 15 years.

Anyway, now this girl has come down with all kinds of mysterious illnesses and is spending LOTS of time out of the office at doctor appointments and having tons of tests done. Some of the doctors include neurologists and heart specialists who have all told her she has “stress” and not some life threatening disease. You can imagine that they tell her this just so she has something to take away from the appointment. So, now we have a dumb hypochondriac on our hands.

As a result of all of her complicated medical appointments, she told one of the owners that they should hire a temp because she’ll be out of the office a lot. Which they did.

The temp is amazing and has more knowledge and common sense in her littleĀ finger than the other girl has in her whole body! Ā But the new problem is now the temp is being trained by the dipshit! OMG… What a disaster.

There are other girls at the office who are about to walk out because of this. We are all very busy except for her. It’s not fair and it’s very frustrating.

Personally, I have taken several of her tasks on myself because she’s unable to do them correctly or efficiently. Soo, now she’s training her replacement and doing less than ever. She still gets paid like the rest of us.

How do we go about getting rid of her?


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