My backyard fence was literally covered with brown widow spiders. I couldn’t always see the spiders, but I knew they were there by the little spiked egg sacks hanging everywhere. I have Googled and read as much as I can about these little buggers. Apparently their egg sacks can have as many as 300 to 400 babies and they come out after about 25 days or so.

I have a company I use for pest control so I called them and was told that since spiders don’t lick their feet that the insecticide they use doesn’t work on them. All they can do is spray for regular bugs and the poison will kill them as they eat the poisoned bug. Well, this theory didn’t seem to be working at my house and it seems to me if they multiply by thousands every month, this just wasn’t going to work!

The underside has the red hourglass, just like it’s black widow cousin.

After more research, I’ve found the solution!!


This stuff is AMAZING! I bought the insecticide from Amazon.com. I had a garden sprayer already, but if you need one, here’s a link.. Chapin 20000 1-Gallon Lawn and Garden Sprayer. Also, a Cobweb Duster

The instructions on the packet are a little confusing, but it’s easy… just fill the tank 1/2 full, put one pouch into the water (each envelope has 4). The packet will dissolve on its own, no need to open it yourself. Let it dissolve then fill up the rest of the container, close it up and shake it to mix.  Now you are ready to go! Start spraying and soon you will see the spiders drop to the ground… the stuff is amazing! All the widows are gone now, but I’ll be doing periodic maintenance sprays to keep them under control.

This insecticide also kills a whole list of other bugs, but I haven’t tried it on anything other than the widows. Good Luck!


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